Griffin Garage Door Repair in Griffin, GA: Door Closure Problems

Everything was going perfectly well with your garage door. All of a sudden, one day you realize that it is not closing. No matter what you do, you just can’t get the door to close. What can you do? Who can you turn to for assistance? Well, if you had a garage door repair company that you rely on for services, you could easily call them. If you don’t, now is the time to find one. If your garage door manual cannot help you to resolve the problem, you will definitely need to hire some good garage door services.

Griffin Garage Door Repair in Griffin, GA is one of the best companies in the area. If you happen to be anywhere in the Griffin area, reach out to us. We offer emergency services and we work by appointments. We will stop by your home, diagnose the problem and make sure that we work towards getting that door up and running in the shortest time possible.

Problems with Your Garage Door

So, you paid a ton of money for your garage door because you thought it would last forever without giving problems. We’re sorry that you have to experience this inconvenience. But, we wished you had known that all garage doors are susceptible to problems. Some may face them sooner rather than later and some may give more trouble than others. But, at some point, you may need professional help with your garage door.

The type of problems that you encounter can vary a lot. Although it seems to be just one little door, a lot goes into its functioning and there are several moving parts. So, depending on what is happening with your garage door, the nature of the problem will vary.

Here are a few problems that homeowners commonly experience with their garage door.

  • The door doesn’t close all the way to the ground

    If you notice this problem, the first thing to do is check for any obstruction to the garage door. Sometimes, there may be some small object or debris stuck in the tracks that is preventing the door from closing properly. If you check and this is not the problem, your close limit switch may need some adjusting. If you are unable to adjust it, call your technician for help.

  • The door begins to close but then reverses and stay open

    This problem may be a bit annoying, especially since you may already start walking away once the door begins to close. If the door reverses, it may mean that a cable is broken or some adjusting is necessary. It could also be a symptom of a misaligned track, or a bent track. The best way to handle this problem is by calling the professionals. Remember, it is never smart to work on your garage door when you are not trained to do so.

  • After it touches the ground, the door goes back up

    Usually, this is a simple fix. It is usually an indication that the close limit switch needs some adjusting. If you are not able to adjust the switch, make sure you call and request professional garage door service. A professional should be able to correct this problem in a very short time.

  • The garage door is stuck

    Do you clean the tracks of your garage door often enough to prevent a build-up of debris? If there are items in the track, they can prevent your door from moving. Sometimes, a stuck door occurs because of bent tracks or broken cables too. Don’t try to straighten the track though. Seek professional help. We are sure you do not want to cause more damage to the garage door.

  • The door opens very slowly

    The springs on your garage door play a very important part in how the door opens. If you notice that the garage door is not opening as fast as it normally does, you should check the springs. It is not recommended that you tamper with the springs on your garage door though. If the door comes tumbling down, it will be too heavy for you to do anything about it. Just call and request professional garage door services from a garage door repair company in your area.

  • You hear a loud sound and then the door stops working

    That loud sound that you just heard is most likely your spring as it broke. Even though it is easy to replace springs, it is very important that you know what you’re doing. This is why spring repairs are best left to the professionals. Don’t worry. It’s a quick fix. Your garage door can be back to working as normal in a very short time.

  • The door doesn’t stay open

    This is usually a spring problem as well. Call your garage door repair company and let them send a technician out to you to have a look. They should be able to repair or replace that spring for you.

  • You cannot get the door to open

    There are so many things that can cause this problem. From the springs to the tracks, there is no way of knowing what is really wrong until you inspect the door. If the tracks are bent, that will be very easy for you to notice, but if there is spring damage, you may not be able to see it. Just call the professionals for help.

  • You hear sounds when the door is moving

    If you are hearing a pop sound, it could be the rollers. If it more of a squeaky sound, this means that some moving parts need lubrication. If you lubricate those rollers and bearings and the sounds persist, call your garage door company.

If you live in Griffin, it won’t be difficult for you to find a good garage door repair company. Griffin Garage Door Repair in Griffin, GA provides so many garage door services. We know that no matter what has gone wrong with your garage door, we can diagnose and fix it. Need some assistance with your garage door? Give us a call today. We’re open 24/7, so call us at any time.